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& Primitive Technology

Youth Exchange.

León. Spain
22nd Aug. - 1st Sept. 2019


    Everyday life in the nature:

During the activity the participants will form working groups to develop projects in three lines: Construction, ceramics, cooking.

        ◦ Through construction projects, participants will be able to develop their creativity, teamwork, acquire survival skills...

The challenge will be to build different temporary accommodation in which participants could stay:
            1. With materials of the surroundings and that constitute the traditional model of construction in the region: mud, sticks, wood, branches, straw...
            2. With stones and sticks to recreate the "castros", typical cottages of shepherds in the mountains of León,
            3. With fabrics and sticks to learn how to set up nomadic shops in different parts of the world: jaimas, yurts and tipies.

        ◦ With ceramic projects we will try to bring young people closer to concepts such as sustainability, overconsumption and creativity.

Within this project we will try to build a traditional oven in the area to cook some of the meals.

        ◦ Cooking: The objective of this project will be that, at least one of the main meals of the day,

will be carried out by the participants using bonfires, in addition to preparing some typical dishes of Spanish cuisine such as paella, or tasty barbecues.

Through this activity we can become aware of healthy eating habits and how simple the culinary art can be.


Be the change....


Develop your skills.

Critical Thinking

Think by yourself.


Live it.

Objectives of the Project

The objectives are:
    1. Work with the values of young people - develop a critical vision of consumption, promote teamwork, create a positive relationship with nature...
    2. Develop concrete skills of young people - survive in nature, cook for themselves, build a shelter, lead a team...
    3. To promote intercultural learning between young people from various countries, motivate them to fight against xenophobia.
    4. Turn young people into leaders who are able to lead a team of youngsters on their own and can this way better contribute to the work of the partner organizations.
    5. To promote the idea of the project - living in balance with nature, limiting our consumption - in wider public in various countries.
    6. To strenghten the cooperation between our organizations and plan new activities together.


Connect with nature, link with life your grandparents lived. The youth we work with regularly, even though their parents and grandparents were routinely in touch with nature and the elements, has turned away from these traditional but daily practices, having adopted the fast paced lifestyle of social media use and of the digitized self, seeing these connections of their elders to nature as primitive, old fashioned and not natural, unuseful or even not essential.

We always forget nowadays how important is to learn how to "survive“ without any help of our technological tools, without them we feel most of the time like lost. Our young people must learn again how relevant it is, as well, for their personal development and for the one of their pairs and their society.

Moreover by “isolating” them for the “normal world” and motivating them to create their own environment like: their temporary accommodation, cook their own food – they can find inside themselves and realize that they got all the resources necessarily to accomplish such “hard activities” and become really aware of it.

Furthermore we believe that the project itself with its aims and goals will be the perfect natural place, where our youngsters can discover the contact in between new cultures and different realities and not least to make true friendships and understand better the others.









Meet the Team

Nature & Primitive Technology is an international Youth Exchange, supported by European Union with the program Erasmus+...

These are the leaders of the idea.


Isaac Alvarez

Spanish Coordinator

Just in charge.


Lukas Dumsky

Czech Leader

Free spirit


Mája Svobodová

The Writer of the Project

Taking care of everybody


Sillian Ferrari

Italian Leader

Always traveling


Mateo Papic

Croatian Leader

We're all entitled to live
free and equal.


Ludmila Saarinen

Finish Leader

The friends from the North


Katerina Davidopoulou

Greek Leader

See the good in everything